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Figma To Woocommerce Theme

Figma To Woocommerce Theme

Figma is the best design software available. This approach provides you with high-quality codes. Webkul has a conversion strategy that provides you with a lot of discretion in creating the perfect website for your company. We create a fantastic design for your company and then hand it over from Figma to Woocommerce conversion provider to properly implement the concept.

Why Choose Webkul?
Webkul will code your Figma designs or any other format and transform them from scratch into a high-performance WooCommerce Custom Theme.

Figma to Woocommerce
  • We get to know your Figma project. You tell us exactly what your aim is.
  • We agree on the details, decide on a price, and get the work going.
  • Our crew tests and reviews the website and is generally concerned with its quality.
  • You receive your Woocommere website, complete with your design and functionality — vibrant and visually appealing.

Services We Offer 

Prototype design assists developers in creating the e-front-end store’s look. Webkul has a great staff for creating website templates.

Figma to Woocommerce Steps

Theming and Responsive Layout: We provide a responsive layout of themes so that users may see how the user interface will look on different devices.

Figma to Woocommerce Responsive

Mobile Application Design: In addition to the website, we also create mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Figma to Woocommerce PWA

Dashboard: A sleekly designed dashboard that is simple to use in both the dark and light themes.

PWA Design: Create a PWA-friendly website. To make it as quick as native programs, it is created with web assembly.

POS Design: POS Design is done by keeping it as basic, easy to use, and configurable as possible.

Designing Reports and Dashboards: We create dashboards and reports that are simple to comprehend and evaluate.

Backend Design: Provided the essential backend design for the design.

Simplest Navigation System: The layout and design are done in such a way that the visitor is kept on the website. As a result, the site’s bounce rate is lowered.

How did Webkul Create The Figma Template? 

Gathering needs: We gathered user requirements based on their requests.

User Frame:-Prioritize the tasks to be completed before commencing the design.

Wireframe: This is a critical stage in which we illustrate and allocate the webpage.

High fidelity: Here we provide an idea of the design and how it may appear if implemented in a specified manner.

Prototype: The layout’s initial cut has been created, which will be developed and submitted to the developers.

Give The Developer Access to Figma.

Bring coders into your workflow as early as feasible and on a regular basis. Allow them to receive the specs and assets they require.

  • Providing UI kits (User interface kits) to developers 
  • Grid system 
  • Sprint and images assets are provided
  • Micro-interactions that maintain the interactions that improve the consumers

Webkul In Figma To Woocomerce Theme Conversion

Webkul has over 13 years of expertise providing WooCommerce development services. We have created hundreds of WooCommerce plugins.

  • Standard coding style
  • Validate W3C standard
  • Coded on latest technology HTML, CSS, JSS, Node JS, React, Vue JS

After Figma prototyping, Now the Woocommerce Theme Was Created.

The Webkul Woocommerce theme that gives contains crucial parameters that may be browsed when developing the prototype.

Percent of bounces: Create a Figma prototype that regulates or minimizes the bounce rate.

UX A-B Testing: Figma can also do A and B testing. One can determine which aspects of the topic will perform better or be more productive. This is attributed to a decrease in cart drop.

High Speed:-The themes created are lightweight and readily loaded.

In Nut Shell:- Finally, if you need to create a new theme, using Figma to design it is the ideal solution. You may use Figma to The Woocmmerce approach is to first visualize your future web as a theme and then translate it into a high-quality Woocmmerce theme to create the final website. As a result, this is one of the most successful approaches for creating a website that is personalized to your exact requirements.

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