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Prototypes and Illustration
Prototypes and Illustration
Prototypes and Illustration
Prototypes and Illustration
Prototypes and Illustration
Prototypes and Illustration

eCommerce Mobile App

Android & iOS Mobile Applications

Webkul has crafted and delivered CMS-based mobile applications compatible with both Android & iOS for over 10 years. As the apps are open-source, customizing them for features such as one-page checkout, and enhanced layered navigation is easy. We utilize different web and mobile technologies such as Kotlin, Flutter, and Swift.

Marketplace Mobile App

CMS Marketplace - Mobile Application

The mobile app is a seller-focused multi-vendor marketplace platform. It has both seller-centric and customer-centric functions. Thus, boosting the sale and purchase of products over the marketplace. Some marketplace features include an interactive theme, Seller & Admin Chat, Locating Sellers via Google Maps, etc.


React Native - Android & iOS

The POS(Point of Sale) app provides a single application on Android or iOS devices for cashiers to manage multiple physical stores. Use this app to provide a smooth customer experience, improve revenue, and streamline operations.Its features include a cash drawer, full-screen mode, creating customers, managing cashiers, etc.


E-Commerce - PWA Development

Progressive Web Apps provides website capabilities with the look and feel of an app. They can also work on low networks or offline. Mobikul uses top frameworks such as Gatsby, Vue Storefront, Next JS, etc. to develop PWAs. PWA development includes Web Push Notification, Offline Mode, Headless PWA.

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How we can help you ?

Whether you need a mobile app, icons or illustrations for your next exciting project, we have got you covered -

Web App Design

Our cutting-edge and distinctive design techniques can attract new customers and win their loyalty to your products. We offer the best web app design services and interfaces for various projects and devices.

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Mobile App Design Services

Our mobile app designers offer the best design-driven development. We have succeeded in designing mobile apps UI-UX that stimulate users to continue using and adore them.

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We understand the significance of corporate branding and therefore offer the best corporate graphic designs that accentuate your company's message and draw attention to ideas.

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PWA Design

We design the best-looking progressive web apps that look impressive and deliver the best user experience on both smartphones and desktop platforms.

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Headless Design

We offer headless design services to build the best front end for decoupled architecture. You can control your entire content platform using a single interface with our headless design solution.

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Data Driven Design

The workflow is improved both internally and externally by data-driven design. It improves efficiency and the design team's ability to interact, while also optimising operational elements to give more direction for execution.

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Motion Design

Make your videos stand out by using visually appealing motion graphics. We offer complete motion graphic animation services, which include visuals, typography, and straightforward motion graphics.

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POS Design

Offering complete POS UI-UX services to support custom layouts, visual components, and responsive designs. We create a point-of-sale interface that is intuitive and user-friendly.

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3D Services

We specialize in offering cutting-edge 3D services that elevate your projects to new heights. With our expertise and passion for creativity, we bring your ideas to life in stunning three-dimensional detail.

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Top Clients


Mobikul - App Builder

Designed the app logo and defined the brand style guide to re-design the 100+ pages website.

Prototyped the end-user iOS and Android eCommerce mobile apps.


UVdesk - Helpdesk App

Worked on the logo, branding and digital assets for both the website and web-app.

Created Design System Manager (DSM) for enterprise-level to create 500+ states for Symfony based web- app.


Bagisto - Laravel eCommerce

Drawn illustrations, weaved icons and created style guides from scratch.

Designed component-oriented agile interface, for next-gen Laravel based eCommerce framework.


IVL - Independent Vital Life

Transformed traditional logo into bold & modern monogram for app use.

Designed an elegant and usablity focused Android app, keeping a strong eye on Material Design.

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It was a delightful experience. I was looking for someone technically sound with deep knowledge of design systems and android app prototyping. Everything went pretty well and met as per our expectations. I was overwhelmed with the fact, how these people come out with ultra-fast and fierce approaches to fix the obstacles.
Reviewer image - Ratnesh Kumar
Ratnesh Kumar
Sr. Project Manager - Mobikul
Bringing disruption to eCommerce is the midset we have before starting with bagisto, and that is what we got exactly after 1 year. Bagisto is a story of zeal and passion of few people who strived for nothing short of a miracle. For me, bagisto is not just any technological entity, not just a mere job, not just a department, it's an emotion. When I look back at the past 1 year, it seems all we have done is move fast and build things (certainly not to break ;-))
Reviewer image - Saurav Pathak
Saurav Pathak
Business Developer - Bagisto
It was a one-stop solution for all my requirements to deliver flawless customer support through diverse horizontal mediums. Also, the best suite for support representatives to streamline and automate support operations to deliver instant support solutions. Must say, it is a gateway to the best approach possible for the helpdesk solutions and this commendable experience helped me to uplift my business.
Reviewer image - Vidushi
Business Developer - UVdesk
Both early-stage startups and enterprises like the way we work

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services Webkul Design provides?

All types of businesses can modernise their infrastructure and products with the help of Webkul UI/UX design agency.

Website Design

Your company's website can make or break it. It only takes a few moments to decide how your site visitors will judge your website. The design is largely responsible for that initial impression.

To make your brand successful, you must have an expert UI UX designer. You're covered by the qualified web design services examined in this manual.

UI/UX design companies like Webkul, create user-centred website designs with meaningful user interfaces that are practical and satisfy users throughout the user experience. For our clients, we offer solutions that are applicable to everyday life.

Design of Mobile Apps

Webkul UI/UX design agency assists clients in creating mobile services that cultivate both short-term engagement and long-term client, lead, and supporter retention. We design useful products that customers adore using.

PWA Design

We offer PWA Design Services that give users an experience similar to using an app. It provides users with a quick experience and dependable effectiveness. Additionally, PWA provides customers with feasibility and convenience.

POS Design

We provide POS Design Services that help your retail store staff and streamline operations.

Headless Design Services

We offer a Headless Theme Design Service that improves website performance while offering users high levels of security and wonderful user experiences.

Motion Design

We provide motion design services that can assist you in reaching your marketing objectives by showcasing your product in excellent animated explainer videos and compelling narratives.

Design for Branding

Through powerful art and design, we assist in bringing your brand to life. Among the services we offer are designing logos, brochures, and merchandise.

Which tools and technologies Webkul Design uses?

Webkul’s UX UI designer makes use of the following UI tools.


Figma has all the capabilities that all UI/UX design companies need to make the design process efficient and effective. Since Figma is cross-platform compatible, sharing and editing have never been simpler. Utilising shared files, it supports the browser-based model and allows for real-time collaboration. Further, supporting integrations developed by third-party developers.


The entire functionality for vector-based UI/UX design is provided by Sketch. Additionally, it offers superb UI UX designer toolkits that help create amazing designs. The UI/UX design agency's use of Sketch makes it easier and faster to produce cutting-edge designs. Although powerful on the inside, it is easy to use.

Adobe XD

An improvement over Adobe Photoshop is Adobe XD. The following tool is portable and offers designers and UX UI design companies frequent feature updates of high value. It enables the team to manage the entire procedure, starting with wireframing and ending with giving the design to developers. Numerous features for collaboration, design, layouts, animation, extensibility, etc. are covered by Adobe XD.

Adobe After Effects

A 2.5D animation programme called Adobe After Effects is used for compositing motion pictures, visual effects, and animation. It is also used for movie production, tele programs, and online video creation.

Many different kinds of effects are available in Adobe After Effects software, which is used to modify illustrations. Creating a single scene of different layers of images and videos.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software. It is widely used for photo editing, digital art, graphics design, and web design. Photoshop offers a wide range of tools and features, including layers, masks, color correction, filters, and brushes, that allow users to create and manipulate images in various ways.


Blender is a very well-known 3D programme because it is open-source and cost-free. An enormous community participates in the software updates. Blender is therefore better suited for freelancers and hobbyists, despite the fact that professionals still appreciate its strength as a 3D programme.

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and is widely used by professionals in the film and television industry for editing, color correction, audio mixing, and visual effects creation. Adobe Premiere Pro offers a wide range of tools and features, including non-linear editing, multi-camera editing, motion graphics, and seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

What steps are involved in the design process of Webkul Design?

Here is the list of steps that are involved in the design process of the Webkul UI/UX design agency.


Our UI UX designer begins the discovery process and spends a lot of time learning about your company and everything that affects it. By noticing new details and adopting fresh viewpoints, we try to see the world as we do.


After the discovery phase, the definition phase will follow in which we put everything together and attempt to make sense of all the possibilities that were noted in the discovery phase.


Our original concepts, ideas, or solutions are developed, experimented with, and tested during the design stage. Our ideas are improved and refined through this iterative approach of trial and error. Before we present, we frequently consult with clients to discuss the general direction of our thoughts and ideas.


Following that, the UI UX designer begins the development process. Agile development with frequent iterations and extensive testing is what we use for this process. We involve the client in all phases of the process to check and receive feedback on the various building-process components.

Why choose Webkul Design?

Our UI/UX design services are targeted at developing user interfaces that provide end-users with a smooth and intuitive experience during each digital contact.

User-Focused Design

In order to design user-focused and customer-centric experiences that improve the user journey, increase user engagement, and promote high conversion rates, we keep the target users in the foreground.

Detailed Multi-Vertical Knowledge

We are able to create solutions that deliver a seamless experience across all platforms thanks to our experience and deeper understanding of various domains.


We create functional digital products with a focus on user experience (UX) that address users' problems in practical ways.


We design intuitive user interfaces that require little effort and give your users the most comfort possible.


Our UI/UX design agency put a lot of emphasis on delight and joy in order to make your users feel joyful and upbeat throughout their journey.

How can good UX help my business?

Here is the list of the benefits of a good UX design for the business.

Improving Customer Satisfaction: The process of ensuring customer satisfaction takes time and requires careful planning. Numerous strategies are employed by UI UX design companies to attract new clients. An advantage is significantly increased for a business by a good user experience. With a website that is aesthetically pleasing design, it is simple to win over customers' trust.

Increasing Business Efficiency: The number of errors and the efficiency of the workflow is both improved by a strong UX system. A good UX enables users to concentrate on the most crucial information without getting sidetracked.

Boost Conversion Rates: None of the other techniques will work if your website and app are unable to draw visitors. Therefore, it is crucial for all UI/UX designers to place an emphasis on user involvement and take it into consideration when making design and aesthetic choices. Designers should therefore make each page of the website what the user should do next. A suggestion for improving user engagement with UI/UX design services is to be informative.

How can Webkul help with my branding?

Making a product or website's user experience as positive and enjoyable as possible is the aim of UI UX branding. Here are some benefits of branding.
>> Great Branding Sets you apart from the competition
>> Branding is a great marketing tool
>> Branding Increases Business Efficiency

This can be achieved by designing an intuitive interface with a pleasing aesthetic, by getting rid of any steps or clutter, and by giving instructions that are clear and to the point.

We work with you to use meaningful art and design to bring your brand to life. Among the many services we provide are developing logos, brochures, and products.

We advertise ourselves as a new kind of branding agency and UI/UX design agency that specialises in direct-to-consumer brands, digital products, and tech firms.

What industries does Webkul design serve?

All types of Industries can modernise their infrastructure and products with the help of Webkul design.

• E-Commerce
• Technology
• Real Estate
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Education
• Hospitality
• Consumer Goods
• Finance
• Automotive

What role does Webkul play in data-driven design services?

Making design decisions based on data rather than intuition or preference is the practice of data-driven design. The entire design process must be organised around gathering and analysing research, which calls for a sustained commitment and understanding of the importance of this data.

The data-driven design ensures the most effective user flow and facilitates customised design in response to user behaviour on your product.

The steps that Webkul takes to collect the data are as follows.

Flow Analysis of Users

Data-driven design, which promotes unique design in response to user behaviour on your product, ensures the most effective user flow.


Each component of the product has detailed analytics collected. Throughout the entire product, we aim for perfection.

AB testing

A/B testing is a method for selecting the best designs by comparing different iterations with actual clients under realistic conditions.

The Webkul UI/UX design agency has a proven track record of increasing project conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores via the use of analytics data user flow and A/B testing methods.

What procedure does Webkul employ when creating motion graphics?

With the help of motion graphics, your static images can become captivating showstoppers. The motion picture design tells compelling stories to showcase the elements of your products and services. UI UX design companies can use your existing resources or create something entirely new. Give UI UX designers the freedom to carry out their imaginative vision.

The steps Webkul UI/UX design agency takes when creating motion graphics are listed below.

Project Summary

With you, we'll arrange a kick-off meeting so that we can learn more about your brand and the precise requirements for your video.


Based on your target audience and marketing objectives, we will use creative writing experts to create a video script that effectively conveys the desired message.

Frames and Storyboards

The storyboard that will depict the main action of the video will be created. You can view some scenes and the character's art design in style frames.


By including some cool music, sound effects, and voiceover at this point, we bring the final illustrations to life.


The video is finally complete. You are prepared to advance your marketing campaign with your video.

How can you quantify results?

Our UI UX designer uses the following methods to quantify the results.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is among the key elements. This counts the number of users who sign up, complete orders, make purchases, etc. on the site or who are new visitors.

Usability Testing

Usability testing involves evaluating a design's usability with a sample of users who represent the target audience. It can be performed for different kinds of designs and typically entails watching users as they attempt to complete tasks.

User Response

The user feedback gathered during the QA phase enables UI/UX design agency to see how actual users interact with your product. User feedback can help show whether the design outcome is favourable or unfavourable.

AB Testing

When making design changes, A/B tests help UI UX design companies avoid making assumptions. UI UX designers can compare two versions of a design element, such as calls to action (CTAs) or images on a landing page, in a test.

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