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How can Webkul help you with 3D and Animation using UX Motion Design?

Our creative motion designs give your customers a whole new level of shopping experience with interactive 3D and AR product visualizations.

    Tool that we used for design and modify ?

    UI tools

    After Effect


    Premier Pro



    Our Motion Design process

    Project Brief

    We will set up a kick-off meeting with you to know more about your brand and specific need of your video.


    With the help of creative writing professionals, we will craft the video script that clearly delivers the right message based on your target audience and marketing goals.

    Storyboard and style frames

    We will create the storyboard that will present the main action of the video. In styleframes you can check the art design of the character and some scenes.


    It is basically the colored version of the storyboard which helps you to understand how your final video will look like.


    This is where we bring the final illustrations to life by using UX motion design and adding some cool music, sound effects, and voiceover.


    Voila! Your video is done. Lets celebrate. Now you are all set to take your video to for your marketing campaign level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is motion design?

    Motion design is the use of animation, videos, graphics, and other dynamic elements to create a more engaging and interactive user experience in website design. It involves the use of various visual effects, such as animated illustrations, micro-interactions, transitions, and scrolling effects, to communicate information, guide users through the website, and add personality and emotion to the design.

    Motion design can help make a website more memorable and enhance its visual appeal by adding explainers and animated videos. It can also help users better understand complex concepts or ideas by breaking them down into simpler, more digestible parts.

    Why should I partner with Webkul for Motion design?

    Partnering with Webkul will provide you with the best available motion design services. We will help you make your designs come alive with motion so that your requirements are fulfilled. If you have been looking for “motion design service”, “creative motion design” or “UX motion design” on Google then Webkul Design is the right place.

    Why is motion design important for websites?

    Motion design is important for websites for several reasons:

    Provide Delight Experience:

    Delightful experiences are essential in motion design. They engage the viewer and leave a positive lasting impression. Motion design involves the use of animation, video, and sound to communicate a message or idea, and when executed well, it can create an emotional connection with the audience.

    Enhancing User Experience:

    Motion design can make a website more engaging and interactive for users, providing a more immersive experience that can keep visitors on the site longer. Animations, transitions, and other dynamic elements can help guide users through the site, provide feedback, and add personality and emotion to the design.

    Communicating Information:

    Motion design can be used to communicate complex information or ideas more effectively. By breaking down complex concepts into simpler, more digestible parts, motion design can help users better understand the content and take in information more easily.


    Motion design can help a website stand out from the competition by creating a unique visual identity that sets it apart from other sites. This can help increase brand recognition and loyalty.

    Increased Conversions:

    Motion design can be used strategically to guide users toward certain actions, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. By adding motion to key elements on a website, designers can draw attention to these elements and increase the likelihood that users will take the desired action.

    What are the benefits of using motion design for my website?

    There are several benefits to using motion design for your website, including -

    Increased Engagement:

    Motion design can make your website more engaging and interactive, which can increase the amount of time users spend on your site and improve their overall experience.

    Delight Experience:

    Our creative motion design services include micro-interactions for your websites, videos, and apps. We provide the best industry subtle animations for the responses that the customers view on your websites. This in turn provides your customers with the best delight experience and keeps them engaged and makes them come back again and again to your websites.

    Delight experience is not something related to the usability and functional aspect of the products. It is the experience that comes to the customers from using the product itself.

    Improved User Experience:

    Motion design can improve the usability and accessibility of your website by making it easier for users to navigate and understand the content.

    Better Branding:

    Motion design can help you create a unique visual identity for your brand and differentiate your website from the competition.

    Enhanced Communication:

    Motion design can be used to communicate complex information or ideas in a more effective and engaging way, helping users better understand your message.

    Higher Conversion Rates:

    Motion design can be used strategically to draw attention to key elements on your website, such as calls to action or product features, which can increase the likelihood that users will take the desired action.

    Improved SEO:

    Adding motion design elements to your website can improve your search engine rankings by increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates.

    How does motion design work in website development?

    Motion design is typically integrated into website development through a combination of steps. Here are some of the key steps involved in incorporating motion design into website development:

    Project Planning:

    The first step in incorporating motion design is to set up a place to plan out the project as per your feasibility. It should be a place where everything is organized and not in cluttered way. This usually includes your script, ideas, moodboards, storyboards, style frames, and workflow checklists.


    Once the planning is complete, the next step is to define the concept and goals of the project. In order for designers to produce their best work, a brief needs to be clear, inspiring, and informative.

    The motion graphics briefs generally include references for visuals and animations, as well as goals and deliverables, and more. After defining the concept, list of deliverables, and goals the brief is then shared with the motion design team.

    Brain Storming

    In brainstorming, the ideas discussed are used to create the central idea for the motion design. After that, we add more ideas, imagery, and videos to the central idea. Lastly, we organize ideas into themes.


    In brainstorming, we imagined different parts of the project. In moodboard, we will look into how the finished design will look like. Moodboard is by far the best reference for the motion design team. It is one of the best references for the client as well as the animators of the motion design team.


    In the moodboard, we get the reference of how the finished design will look like. In the storyboard, we will be able to view the complete look of the project before bringing it to life. Storyboard will allow us to create the initial sketches of the project and includes various elements like scenes and objects of the motion design that we are going to create.

    Style Frame

    In the motion design process, the style frames are a critical step toward the final animation look of the actual animation video. Motion designers present the clients with the options for the animations so that they can provide their feedback for any changes. Lastly, after confirming the video animation the work on the animation video can be started.

    What kind of videos/promotional services do we provide using the motion design service?

    Motion design can add an engaging and dynamic element to a website and help create other elements like videos, logos, and animations. Some types of promotional video animations that we can create with motion design -

    Product Promotional Videos

    Our motion design services will take care of your product’s promotional videos. We create the best-in-market animation videos for product promotion.

    Product Demonstration Videos

    If you are looking to the creation of product demonstration videos showcasing your product's functionality we can help you create the same using our motion design services.

    Lottie Animations

    The vector-based animations created in Adobe After Effects are called Lottie animations in motion design. These animations are used to add highly engaging visual aspects to the user interface which are dynamic in nature. Our creative motion design service will help create such highly engaging visuals.

    Micro Interactions

    Any interactions that happen between a user and a digital interface are called Micro Interactions. These interactions for the user's action provide instant feedback. Our motion design team will be able to create these micro-interactions as per your specific needs.

    Splash Screens

    For your mobile needs, we can help create the best splash screens that justify your business goals using our creative motion design techniques.

    Infographic Images

    For complex information, infographic images are a visual representation. They allow users to understand and interpret complex information easily. We can help you create the same as per your requirements.

    Logo Review Design

    We help clients with their logo design creation services as well. Logo design using a professional design service like ours can help create a unique and memorable visual identity that accurately represents a company or brand.

    GIF Animations

    These animations are a type of image file format that supports animated images. GIF animations are made up of a sequence of static images that are played in rapid succession, creating the illusion of motion. Our creative motion design service includes these types of animations as well.

    How can motion design improve my website's user experience?

    Motion design can improve your website's user experience in several ways:

    Attracting attention:

    Motion design can be used to capture the user's attention and make important information stand out on the website. This can help guide the user's focus and improve the overall user experience.

    Enhancing navigation:

    Motion design can be used to create intuitive navigation elements, such as animated menus or interactive buttons. This can make it easier for the user to navigate the website and find what they're looking for.

    Communicating information:

    Motion design can be used to visually communicate complex ideas or data in a more engaging and digestible way. This can improve the user's understanding of the content and make it more memorable.

    Creating a sense of immersion:

    Motion design can be used to create a more immersive experience for the user by adding dynamic and interactive elements to the website. This can help keep the user engaged and interested in the content.

    Providing feedback:

    Motion design can be used to provide feedback to the user, such as confirming a successful action or notifying them of an error. This can improve the user's confidence and trust in the website.

    Can motion design help me increase website traffic and conversions?

    Motion design can be a powerful tool for increasing website traffic and conversions. By incorporating dynamic and engaging animations and videos into your website, you can capture the attention of visitors and create a more immersive and memorable user experience.

    Here are some ways that motion design can help you increase website traffic and conversions:

    Capturing Attention:

    Motion design can capture the attention of visitors and make your website stand out from competitors. By creating visually appealing and engaging content, you can draw visitors in and keep them on your site longer.

    Improving User Experience:

    By incorporating motion design into your website, you can improve the user experience by making your site more intuitive and user-friendly. Animations can guide visitors through your site and help them understand how to navigate and interact with your content.

    Showcasing Products:

    Motion design can be a great way to showcase your products and services in a visually appealing and informative way. By creating product demos and explainer videos, you can demonstrate the benefits and features of your offerings in a way that is easy to understand and engaging.

    Increasing Engagement:

    Motion design can increase user engagement with your website by encouraging visitors to interact with your content. By incorporating interactive elements such as hover effects and animations triggered by user actions, you can make your site more engaging and encourage visitors to spend more time on your site.

    Boosting Conversions:

    By creating compelling and visually appealing calls-to-action, motion design can boost conversions very easily.

    How do I get started with a motion design service for my website?

    Webkul is an agency having the best industry experience in creative motion design services that will help you get started with the same.

    Getting started with a motion design service for your website can seem intimidating, but there are several steps Webkul will take to make the process easier:

    Define Goals:

    Before we start designing, we need to define your goals. What do you want to achieve with your motion design? Do you want to increase website traffic, improve user experience, or convey information more effectively? Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, we can start designing with purpose.

    Research and inspiration:

    We will look for inspiration and examples of motion design that align with your goals and brand. Exploring websites and platforms like Dribbble, Behance, and Pinterest to see what other designers have created. This can help us get an idea of what's possible and what might work for your website.

    Choose your tools:

    There are many tools available for motion design, including Adobe After Effects, Figma, and Sketch. We will choose a tool that we love working with and that suits the workflow.

    Create your designs:

    We start creating your motion design, keeping your goals and audience in mind. We use design principles like color theory, typography, and composition to create visually appealing and effective designs.

    Test and iterate:

    Once we have created your motion design, we will test it on your website to see how it performs. Analyze metrics like website traffic, bounce rates, and conversions to see if the design has the desired effect. If not, iterate and make changes until you achieve your goals.

    All of the above steps are followed by the Webkul design team on behalf of the clients to provide them with the best creative motion design services.

    What role does user feedback play in motion design service?

    User feedback plays a critical role in motion design services as it helps designers to understand how their creations are being received and used by their intended audience using micro-interactions. By soliciting feedback from users, designers can identify what is working well and what needs improvement, and make changes accordingly.

    In motion design, user feedback can be particularly valuable because it allows designers to assess how well their animations and visual effects are communicating the intended message. For example, a designer might create a motion graphic to explain a complex process or idea, but without user feedback, they might not realize that certain elements of the animation are confusing or distracting to viewers.

    In addition to helping designers improve the clarity and effectiveness of their motion designs, user feedback can also provide insights into user preferences and expectations. By understanding how users interact with and respond to their creations, designers can create more engaging and meaningful experiences.

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